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Booking Your Big Day




Your Consultation

Brides usually come to me for their initial consultation. We can discuss all your requirements in the relaxed environment of my salon. I ask that you bring along pictures of your dress and any ideas that you  already have for your hair. 


We can discuss all the requirements you have for

their whole wedding party. Including style ideas for bridesmaids and flower girls. Also if any other guests including mother of the bride or groom require their hair dressing. 


I can help give ideas for any hair  ornaments you may like for both yourself and your bridesmaids. Whether it be fresh flowers or any other type of headdress. What might work best to complement your dresses while matching the chosen theme of

the wedding. 


Trial Run

Having discussed and shortlisted some style ideas we can try them out. Giving you a clearer idea of which style will suit your dress and personality best. 


If at this point if you  have bought your  veil and headdress we can try them in. If not we will have a better idea of what would complete your chosen style. 


Only when you are completely sure we have  found 'the perfect style' for you can I then start to plan timings for the morning of your  wedding. Contacting your chosen makeup artist to ensure the day runs as smoothly as possible. Giving you less stress and therefore a more relaxed and enjoyable morning.


Morning of the Wedding

I will arrive at the agreed time and begin work on your party. The makeup artist and I will work together to ensure the morning is relaxed and that you can enjoy the whole experience safe in the knowledge that your party will all be happy with their finished looks and be ready in plenty of time.


I will stay while you dress, helping out wherever is needed (I'm a dab hand and doing up tiny buttons and pinning buttonholes). Finally attach the veil and check everyone's hair is perfect before they leave for the service.


If you'd like to know more or book in your wedding date with us, please don't hesitate to get into contact by clicking the button below.

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